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I'm a redheaded mama with four lovely daughters. We're based in southern Australia and travel in a small, colourful housebus — meeting inspiring people, learning lots and re-thinking everything. I feel passionately about spirituality, good design, alternative education, discussing death and conscious parenting.

Defining posts

Sitting in a bathtub, typing on a laptop, at Thalia, East Tasmania, December 2013

The story of Now

19 December 2013

Marysville State Forest, Victoria

Waiting at Warburton

13 November 2013

Jacarandas in bloom, Grafton, October 2013

Jacaranda fun

19 October 2013

Lump of raw diamond

Rubbing away the black

1 September 2013

The Gifted Gypsy past an L 36 marker, Tasmania, January 2013

One year on

7 July 2013

Brioni and Aisha in a lolly shop, Geeveston, Tasmania, January 2013

Entering a lolly shop

7 January 2013

Flowers growing from a rock wall, Tasmania, December 2012

A successful new year

1 January 2013

Lauren in red, September 2012

My thing with red

10 September 2012

Lauren's soft, white belly, September 2012

The beauty of a soft belly

3 September 2012

Almost purple rose, north Brisbane, August 2012

Reality bites

30 August 2012

Buff-banded rail, Beenleigh, August 2012

A dead day?

17 August 2012

Delaney does the washing up, August 2012

All for one, one for all

15 August 2012

Delaney lets the stones go, August 2012

Lesson in the stones

3 August 2012

In memory of Elijah Rainbow Fisher

To the haters

20 July 2012

In memory of Elijah Rainbow Fisher

Living on generosity

19 July 2012

In memory of Elijah Rainbow Fisher


9 July 2012

In memory of Elijah Rainbow Fisher


1 July 2012

Delaney plays with her fingers, June 2012

A lost sparkle

21 June 2012

Calista and Aisha on farm machinery, June 2012

It takes a village

4 June 2012

Heart in stones,

The way of love

22 April 2012


21 April 2012

Sticks at the beach

How great is my love?

16 April 2012

Aisha looking at the computer, September 2011

Blogging for the future

2 September 2011

Salad, May 2011

My telepathic salad

25 May 2011

Nathan at work, May 2011

Sharing alike

20 May 2011

Delaney and Brioni cuddling up, February 2011

Fostering family bliss

20 February 2011

A new economy

3 February 2011

Erin tightening my dreadlocks, Currumbin, January 2011

Growing into dreadlocks

25 January 2011

Girls holding hands, August 2010

Authenticity in parenting

23 January 2011

Flowers for 2011

A bright new year

1 January 2011

A tree by the Rous River, October 2010


16 December 2010

Delaney and Brioni on the gyro-car, December 2010


8 December 2010

Celebrating four years of this blog, November 2010

Celebrating consistency

7 November 2010

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