Okay, so a photo that I posted earlier was staged, but I promise that this one is exactly how I found six-month-old Delaney yesterday evening. I heard her complaining and walked into the nursery to see what was going on. She saw me and cried, but I ran out — for the camera!

I came back in and snapped this shot, but not without some protest. I think Dell had pulled herself up to this standing position and didn’t know how to get down again. (Do you remember that stage in your baby’s life?)

Delaney, 6 months old, July 2010
A milestone in Dell's short life.

So now I’ve removed the bassinet from within the portable cot, and it’s safe again. (Safe for her to sleep in without interference from her sisters, and without risk of her falling out.)

With Delaney, I’ve never even set up our main cot because I thought we were leaving the country. However, I haven’t really missed using the traditional wooden cot. Perhaps it was unnecessary in the first instance…