Over the past couple of evenings we’ve been delivering our letter and some more brochures to our immediate neighbourhood. It’s been interesting to walk the streets again.

For years, I used to walk our dog every single morning. And then I had kids which made it harder to get out of the house. While I was out and about, I met all sorts of people along the way and still remember a little bit about most of the people in the houses around us.

For instance, we have an Elvis buff who lives close by. He’s built an American-style mansion, titled it “Graceland”, and drives a classic American car on the weekends. If that wasn’t enough, he also sports the Elvis ‘do, complete with dark sideburns.

This evening we took the whole family on our delivery route. Aisha and Brioni each delivered the letters to the houses on separate sides of the street. The neighbourhood is pretty quiet, and in our whole time walking, only two cars passed us by.

Calista, 22 months, February 2010
Even Calista wanted to have a turn delivering a letter.

Halfway through our walk, we took some time out at a local park. The girls played on the swings and then hid behind trees for hide-and-seek.

When the two older girls approached me, needing a toilet, we decided to just let them pull their pants down and go on the grass. At exactly that instant, a man walked past with his dog on the pathway right next to where I was dangling Brioni so she didn’t get her wee on her socks. Aisha had pulled her undies and skirt off and was watching nonchalantly. How’s that for timing? And how come I didn’t spot him coming? (Boys have got to be easier when it comes to more subtle public toileting!)

Brioni, 3yo, Aisha, 4yo, David, + Calista, 22 months old, February 2010
After a play in the park, David took the girls on a shortcut while I had to walk the long way around with the pram. They sat down to watch the sunset while they waited for me.