It’s been hard to get back into the groove of our lives here. Apart from the fact that half of me is still missing, and I’m coping with the kids all-by-myself, I’ve been feeling a general lack of direction and purpose and leave the housework to accumulate which reduces my motivation, etc. Vicious cycle, but you know it, I’m sure.

I know it’s just the blahs that come after a great holiday, so I’m trying to move on past them. Today was the first day that I got out of the house properly. I was so motivated, that I even dressed properly — bra and all!

Calista, 18 months, Brioni, 3yo, + Aisha, 4yo, October 2009
This afternoon, I took the girls to a shopping centre where they were free to play in the enclosed play-space for as long as they liked.

We drove to the library in the morning for storytime, which was not “story-time” per se (where the lowliest librarian reads some poorly selected books to a group of pre-schoolers), but more “can-you-please-sit-nicely-on-your-bottom”-time led by a woman whose voice pitch was higher than Mariah Carey’s.

However, storytime or no, my girls are particularly fascinated by watching other children — especially unruly ones — so they loved the outing. After the formal reading session was over, we read our own selection of poorly-chosen books pulled out of the tubs by Aisha and Brioni.

Our little outing this morning motivated me to get out again this afternoon after rest-time. If I don’t have a particular agenda (except some groceries), the time is not stressful, even when Calista runs off and is (literally) dragged back to me by Aisha pulling on her two wrists as Cali lies down, sweeping the floor clean in her wake. (“She likes it,” Aisha tells me, and Cali does not protest. But the red marks around her wrists would not be easily explainable to the proper authorities.)

So I’m coping, and not minding David’s absence so much. But here’s a little list of things that are driving me crazy:

  • Calista has turned into a mountain goat, climbing onto every counter without chagrin. I’ve thrown away two chapsticks and one lipstick because of her high-handed meddling.
  • While I was away, some settings on my computer were changed, and nothing looks quite right anymore. And I contrast my labouring 3-year-old desktop with David’s new-beaut all-in-one and wish I had one too…

But let me not forget the other list of things that I am so thankful for:

  • At the end of last week, I’m sure my little list of things that were driving me crazy would have been several pages long. But now that I’ve actually gone to type it up, I can hardly remember anything! So the worst has passed.
  • The computer I brought from HK has Windows in English properly installed in it. And it works like a dream — fast, suave and unburdened by backlog of files. I’ve been installing all our usual suite of programs on it so it will be ready for David when he gets back from NZ.
  • I am having wonderful sleep-ins every day — even as a single parent! The girls play nicely until Calista needs a new nappy, which usually lasts until about 8 am. One morning I slept in until 9, when I finally admitted that, yes, it was time for breakfast.
  • All the shopping in HK has cured me of the idea that I need anything (apart from food) at the shopping centre. It all comes from China anyway, and is probably so much cheaper in HK!
  • The best way to beat the post-holiday blues is to plan another holiday. So this weekend I’m heading north to the Sunshine Coast to visit some friends — one of whom I haven’t seen in two years! Yay for the distraction!