We don’t have a TV in the house. And we don’t have any DVDs for the girls to watch. (Yes, it is possible to raise a plethora of pre-school kids without a boxed baby-sitter.)

However, the girls occasionally do get some screen time with David. Often in the course of the day, we’ll be discussing an interesting topic that the girls can’t grasp in the abstract, so we’ll put it onto a mental list (Aisha’s mental list — she’s got a great memory!), and she later reminds David to “show it on the ‘puter”.

Aisha, 4yo, David, Calista, 16 months old, + Brioni, 3yo, August 2009
The girls crowd around the computer, and David shows them a variety of clips on YouTube. In this instance, they watched sheep-shearing and robots.

YouTube is a fantastic educational tool because you can find glimpses of everything from car manufacturing to beekeeping with every sort of animal captured on video.

I’m off the hook because I don’t show the girls things on the computer and always defer to David, otherwise I would be inundated with requests all day. As it is, the girls probably gather around the computer once every fortnight for about an hour, and that seems like just the right amount of screen time for us!