Playmobil Palm Sunday

Today I taught Sunday School for the first time since becoming a parent, and I’m sure I was more terrified now than I was as a naive upstart so many years ago. The crowd wasn’t big: five children — two of which were mine, so I didn’t have to handle a mob.

We’re working through a number of stories in the lead-up to Easter, and so today — although it isn’t actually Palm Sunday — my assigned lesson was on Jesus’ triumphant entry to Jerusalem. I read a child-friendly version of the story and then tried singing/teaching a song. I did all the singing and most of the actions by myself, however, dignity is not appreciated by under-sixes, so mine dropped in a pile to the floor before the song finished.

To cover up my acute discomfort after making a spectacle of myself, I brought out the Playmobil and set up a panorama with Jesus first asking for the donkey, the disciples collecting it and Jesus riding the donkey through the shouting crowd who also laid their cloaks down for him.

The Playmobil was a winner, and the memory of my solo faded. The kids took turns being Jesus, the disciples and the crowd of bystanders who shouted “Hosanna!” When interest waned, I offered a simple craft to keep the kids busy and only had to reel the two boys in a bit tighter towards the end of the session.

Brioni, 2yo, + Aisha, 4yo, Sunday School, March 2009
The kids seemed to enjoy the simple craft of gluing fabric and leaves onto the pictures.

The church has set up a roster so I’ll be on a couple more times before the term finishes (it goes in conjunction with the school term), and I’m sure I’ll over-plan, over-stress, and over-analyse my teaching sessions.

But there’s always the Playmobil to bring out. (I’m not the only one, here’s a couple and a whole lot more — in German.) Who knew my obsession with this fantastic plastic could be so godly?