I love mooching. I have no shame. In the same vein, I love to help my friends mooch off me. (Do you want that chair? — take it!)

And I love Bookmooch which is about giving away books and receiving books for nothing. It only costs you the postage to send books away, but it all comes back to you when others post their books to you, and it allows you to refine your library to the books you really want to keep.

Bookmooch is a non-profit network of booklovers who cooperate to exchange books across the world. I’ve been able to mooch some hard-to-find homeschooling resources and children’s books. In return, I’ve given away novels and duplicates from my own library.

If you have a lot of books, and you’d like to make sure some of them go to good homes, but you also know that you want more books, why not exchange them on Bookmooch? You list the ones you’re giving away and search for those you’d like to have. Too easy.