In 2008, these were the Youtube videos that captured our attention and imagination.

First, in extreme sports, we liked Rollerman. I think David would like to be Rollerman.

The Caribbean Mermaid captured our imaginations as David explained what scuba diving was and searched for videos to show the girls.

I’m fascinated by stop-motion animation, and PES’s Human Skateboard is an excellent example of the possibilities.

The girls like watching Youtube with us, and The Elephant Song is so good I bought it so we could listen to it again and again.

Five Little Ducks is cheesy, with dubious English pronunciations and little educational value, but the girls like it and request it almost every time.

And with the prize for creativity in technical, musical and lyrical production, here’s a tribute to the composer John Williams, originally created by Moosebutter and performed (lip synched) here by Corey Vidal.