Today was David’s 35th birthday. He was away all day, fitting carpet and vinyl in a new house, so I prepared a favourite meal with a birthday cake for dessert, and we shared it as a family with Benjy.

Brioni, 23 months, David, 35yo, Aisha, 3yo, + Benjy
To celebrate, I made a banana cake and decorated it with psychedelic green icing and 35 candles. We had a fun time trying to keep all the candles lit, and David was also trying to record his antics on the flip.

Those who are close to David know how committed he is to the Lord. He is passionate for Christ and loves to share the gospel openly and freely, often getting teary when he recounts his own testimony.

I met David twelve years ago and have loved him that long. He has built up my self esteem and encouraged me in my [work] career and my new role as a mother. I appreciate his strong financial leadership that has brought us to where we are and means I don’t have to work but can stay home with the girls.

Over the past couple of years, David has grown into the role of father, and he treasures all the special times he shares with the girls. Because he works from home, he is able to be around them quite often, and he’s always willing to look after them for me if I have to duck out for some errands.

David is currently working frantically to get us out of here. He is renovating the house and also fitting in normal carpet and vinyl jobs to get rid of stock. We’re both looking forward to a different lifestyle, a more relaxed pace of life, and more time to invest in the community and relationships.

I know that this is really an inadequate post to explain and demonstrate how much I love and appreciate David. Coming from emotionally and geographically distant families, we’ve created a new family together and are intent on sustaining it with love and support through several generations. We share a vision for supporting and staying a part of the lives of our own children even when they are adults and knowing and embracing our grandchildren.

So as we reach a new high in our relationship, I raise my glass to my wonderful husband:

David, you are the best husband for me, and I thank you for sharing your life with me. Here’s to the next 51 years, and I hope it will keep getting better!”