Aïcha, 3yo, June 2008
Showing Teddy the sights. This is the resurrected teddy bear that was originally left on top of the truck in southern NSW last year but was found again in an op shop in Canberra. It didn't smell quite the same, but #2 passed muster as the original.

Today I braved the wrath of the daily commuters and took my three girls on an early train into the city to meet up with my colleagues at my office. Originally, I had planned to drive in, but the train ride is theoretically easier, as it travels express from my station into the city and only takes 40 minutes.

I forgot how slow everything is with children. I left the house 23 minutes before the train arrived at the station, and I barely bought my ticket in time before it arrived. Trains are also not wheely-friendly. There’s a huge step up to the train from the platform, and with Calista in the pram and the rider attached, plus two small people in tow, it wasn’t a smooth move.

The other thing with taking wheels means you have to wait for the lift to move up from the platform to the concourse and back down to the road, so getting out of the train station was very slow. And then crossing the street…

But we made it! I had a lovely time catching up with my friends at work, though Brioni was quite needy and wanted to climb into my lap while I was feeding Calista. Taking the girls meant I wasn’t able to relax as much, as I felt under pressure to keep my girls well-behaved and happy.

My manager may ask me to do some work over the next couple of weeks while my colleague tours Europe, so just when I think my career is over, it jerks back to life with a gasp.

Going back into the office reminds me how much I enjoy life outside this small family, but that’s something I will have to sacrifice to build the proper foundation for a sound relationship with my children that lasts my whole life.

On the train ride home, we missed our express train by two seconds. The doors to the train closed just as our lift doors opened (t’was those slooooooooooow children again). But because we caught the next all-station train, we didn’t have to share our carriage with many other passengers, and they soon got off, leaving us alone.

Brioni, 23 months, + Aïcha, 3yo, June 2008
The train ride became more exciting when the other passengers alighted, leaving us as the only occupants of the carriage.

Brioni, 22 months, June 2008
Later, the girls developed a game of "monsters". The monster lived under the row of seats, and growled at anyone who dared come close.

When I got back home, I was exhausted. I’m not sure exactly why, except that it’s probably the combination of mixing my two lives plus the oh-so-slow-going of what I am used to doing very quickly. At work, I know I can I get from my desk to the train station platform in under three minutes. Also, I feel under pressure to have well-behaved kids. And we had to walk quickly, which is quite difficult with a little almost-two-year old. So all of that has worn me out.