Da or rosella flowers
Here are the da/rosella flowers I brought from West Africa. I'm not certain it's the same plant, but Hibiscus sabdariffaas is also known as rosella. Native to Australia, Hibiscus sabdariffaas is used here in "bush" and gourmet cooking.

While cleaning out some kitchen cupboards, I noticed that I still had some dried da flowers. I believe da is the same plant as the Australian rosella.

Wild Boar on the Kitchen Floor cookbook
Harriet Hill sent me the PDF file for this cookbook, so you can download it from the link below.

I looked up the recipe for da cordial (bissap) in Wild Boar on the Kitchen Floor. My copy of this West African cookbook is looking pretty tattered, so I sent myself on a hunt for the cookbook online.

Harriet Hill sent me the file, giving me permission to make it available here, so if you’re looking for some favourite recipes, download the Wild Boar cookbook here.