Around Brioni’s fifth birthday, we tracked down a lolly shop in a small town in New Zealand and treated the girls to a bag of sweets. Today, we found a similar shop in another tiny town in southern Tasmania, and the girls got to pick out some favourites to enjoy.

The Wall of Lollies in Geeveston offers a comprehensive range of candy and will throw in a free toothbrush with purchases over $50! We had a terrific time browsing the range and trying to decide what to buy.

Brioni and Aisha in a lolly shop, Geeveston, Tasmania, January 2013
Our girls are overwhelmed by the range and find it hard to make a selection.

The Wall of Lollies, Geeveston, Tasmania, January 2013
The owners formerly operated a supermarket, and so the store is really well organised.

Delaney in a lolly shop, January 2013
Last time we visited a lolly shop, Delaney napped through the whole thing. This time she's quite direct about the lollipops that catch her eye!

Our girls in front of a lolly shop, January 2013
By the time we leave the shop with our purchases, the girls are giddy with excitement!

Today’s highlight was straddled on both sides with the mundane way of life that we pursue. We spent most of the day playing at our previous campsite while I completed my chores, and this shop was the only stop along the drive to our next campground, where the girls quickly resumed their games — albeit modified to suit the new environment.

I deliberately choose to record and remember certain moments, and hopefully this online record will enhance our daughters’ own memories of their childhood. I don’t want to look back in a year’s time and wonder how this day was remarkable. I want to know. And sometimes in order to recognise the sparkle in each day, I have to first create it.

Going into a lolly shop is easy to do. The fact that we’ve done it once before doesn’t lessen the joy that such an outing brings. The girls responded to my excitement as well as the anticipation of their own tasty treats. I can take that same excitement and apply it to any other activity that I expose the girls to. At the same time, I can’t be so hung up on producing a result that my attitude rests on their response. If I am genuinely excited about what we’re doing, someone will catch on, and that’s all our family needs to create a sparkle in the day.

Again and again, I find my children’s attitudes start with me. How I’m feeling, how I’m responding, how I’m engaging — all this affects the way they are — not only to me, but with each other too. Entering a lolly shop today was easy. My challenge will be to take that same energy and excitement and put it into our next adventure, our next outing, our next discovery or our next project.