My six-year blogiversary is just the excuse I need to give something away, and with this year being “The Year of the Kipi” for our family, I’m giving away one kipi. But I’m not giving it away to anyone directly, I’m giving it away to you to give away to someone you know and love.

Our Year of the Kipi (iPad), Sparkling Adventures

Two years ago, I wrote that the true spirit of generosity was one where the gift was given “thoughtfully and freely — without asking or expecting anything in return.” The only way I can do this online is to remove myself from the recipient, so that someone else is the generous benefactor.

This kipi has the same specs as the ones our girls use. It’s a 64Gb wifi-enabled iPad3 (in black), but an Apple-refurbished model and still sealed in its box. I bought it for Australia, so it contains an Australian plug and will need a different plug if it’s to be used overseas. I’m sure that can be sourced from Apple or another electronics retailer.

This kipi is a present — offered freely — for you to pass on to someone you love.

Here are the guidelines for the giveaway.


Be thoughtful. Think about someone you know who would appreciate the kipi.

Be unselfish. To enter the giveaway, you need to nominate a recipient. That recipient cannot be you or a member of your household.

Tell me a story. I’m sharing why our kipis are so important to our family, and I’d like to hear why this kipi would be good for the recipient too.

Leave a comment. Write your little story about the recipient. Make sure you leave your email address (which is not visible) so I can get in touch with you if you win.

Be timely. The kipi giveaway closes on 26 November — Elijah’s birthday — so you could give it as a present for Christmas if that’s what you like to do.

Wait and pray. If you win the kipi, I’ll contact you for your address details. If you don’t win, you will have a great idea for a thoughtful gift for your nominated recipient.

Give freely. So if you win, you get to wrap up the kipi and pass it on as a gift from your heart to the person you love. If you don’t win, you’ll have the opportunity to give the item from your heart and your wallet.

If you would like to keep your nomination confidential, leave a brief comment with your name and real email address and then email me directly with your story.


Thank you to everyone who submitted their stories. I wish I have kipis enough for everyone. However, since I only have one, I have contacted one person to get their address and will be sending the kipi to them. If it’s important for you to know who the winner is, write to me privately.