Those who have been reading this blog for a while will understand my values and attitudes towards life. As it happens, I have a fantastic opportunity to share some Of this light and love on the back of The Gifted Gypsy.

Can you help? I’d like to find a lovely slogan to blazon across my rear bumper, and I’m hoping that you can supply me with one! It could be a favourite quote, a verse, a rhyme, a bit of humour or something really deep. It just can’t be too long, because it has to fit and be read by someone who is sitting behind me in traffic.

Black bumper of The Gifted Gypsy, July 2012
What's an appropriate slogan to decorate this big black bumper?

If I choose your slogan as the one to be lettered across the bumper, I’ll get it cut out in vinyl decal letters twice — so you can have the same slogan on your vehicle too.

So tell me, what are your ideas?