All is not always roses and smiles in the Fisher household. Sometimes there’s conflict and tears.

Delaney distraught, December 2011
Delaney is so upset, repeating "uddle, uddle" again and again. Although I gave her a long cuddle when she woke up from her nap, she's still feeling sensitive.

Elijah breastfeeding, December 2011
And this is the reason I can't properly cuddle Delaney — my arms are already full!

Delaney cuddling Elijah, December 2011
Delaney does love to give Elijah kisses and cuddles. She would like to be able to hold him like her older sisters do, but settles for an arm around him while I hold his weight.

Of course, I can remember when Delaney was the baby who was subjected to sibling jealousy, and while Delaney may ask for a cuddle, she doesn’t attack her little brother!