Recently, I’ve been reminded about my primary reason for maintaining Sparkling Adventures. I spend a lot of time on the computer, processing photos, researching topics and detailing our adventures, but I’m really investing in our children’s future.

Aisha looking at the computer, September 2011
Even without much prior computer usage, Aisha has quickly mastered the cursor-control necessary to navigate our website. She is asking to look at the blog more often and fills in the gaps between pictures with her own memories of places and events.

I write primarily for our family — to preserve the present for the future.

Our blog enhances our children’s memories of the places we’ve visited, expanding their minds beyond their present circumstances. It reminds them of possibilities — promising good things for their future based on the blessings of the past.

And I’ve discovered that after I’ve properly articulated an idea in writing — when I’ve committed it to the worldwide web of watchers — it’s a sign that I truly believe in what I’m saying and am not just making the noises I think people want to hear. One day our children will read these words and discover why David and I have made decisions that we have.

Aisha and David looking at the computer, September 2011
Aisha likes to browse through older videos we've made — and sometimes we end up watching them too!

It’s possible that our children may disagree with the decisions we’ve made in the past, but they’ll never be able to accuse us of duplicity. With honest blogging comes an authenticity that was previously lacking in my life. I wish to share myself wholly with our children (and the wider world) so that they are not afraid of what others may think but can live in freedom, knowing that the truth will set them free.