I didn’t know salads could be telepathic, but yesterday I enjoyed one. Now I’m certain that I can enjoy the things I desire when I am at rest and at peace — practicing a form of telepathy to obtain these things — instead of demanding my own way.

Salad, May 2011
My delicious salad brought to me by telepathy.

It seems a bit kooky to say that telepathy exists, but we know that we are all united by one, and it is through this unity of Spirit that we can also enter the “Promised Land” — a place where the things we need and desire can come to us without us demanding them. As David and I have entered into a special place of spiritual unity, we’re discovering that although we’re still learning to communicate clearly, we can act on each others’ desires and impulses without being instructed to do so.

My salad is a case in point.

For several weeks, I’ve been desiring a yummy salad with a balsamic/mustard vinaigrette dressing, but circumstances have prevented me from obtaining it. The salad ingredients were readily available at La Hacienda, except that tomatoes are now out of season, and we were lacking the balsamic vinegar.

On Friday, when Mandy stopped by to see us, she brought a bottle of balsamic vinegar that she had grabbed from her own pantry shelf. It was a thoughtful gesture, and completely unexpected.

And yesterday morning, I was hankering after that salad again. I knew that there was a cafe that served a garden salad down at the water. When I took Delaney out for a walk to calm her down, I almost went down to the cafe to have a private indulgence. However, circumstances (namely, three other small bodies that followed along) prevented my satiation.

So I let it go, and —without my saying anything — David came back from the corner store with a bag of baby cos lettuce, just at the same time as we had fresh tomatoes on board. He said that the bag of salad kept calling to him from the shelf.

All the ingredients for my garden salad delight came together without me having to plot, plead or even conspire. It’s been a serendipitous moment to realise that these things can happen so easily, and I’m looking forward to practicing more telepathy in the future!