As she approaches her first birthday, we’re loving the way Dell is learning lots, expressing herself, interacting with her sisters and playing in her own way!

Delaney in the swing, December 2010
I hung the toddler swing up in the playroom, and her sisters love to push Delaney REALLY high.

Calista and Delaney in the wading pool, December 2010
On hot afternoons, the easiest way to keep Delaney cool is to place her in the wading pool and let her sisters pour water over her head. She seems to relish the attention.

Delaney with her fishy rug, December 2010
Whenever Dell is sad, one of her sisters runs to fetch her Fishy Rug — it always calms her down as she sucks her thumb.

Delaney, December 2010
Delaney loves cruising around in her walker! Sometimes I find her attempting to climb into it herself, although often a sister will help her get into it.

Delaney, December 2010
Delaney likes to climb up onto tables and couches and into boxes and baskets.

Delaney, December 2010
Of course, to sit comfortably in the basket means you have to empty it first! Dell pulled all the nappies out and threw them onto the floor.

This year with Delaney has been a delight! We’re looking forward to seeing her personality develop as she grows up, and we know soon she’ll be walking and talking and chasing after her three big sisters.