We have a huge house. So much space. And so much stuff. More space equals more stuff. I’m only just realising how true this is.

After five weeks in a truck and trailer, we’ve worked out the minimal living accessories and are ready to offload anything and everything that doesn’t qualify (plus some extra op-shop purchases that’ll be good for the future).

And then to arrive home and realise how much surplus we own on top of the truck’s overflow — it’s overwhelming!

I just want to throw everything out — which is not a bad thing. I’ll be packing up most of our personal belongings so we can rent out the house, and if I cull while I do that, it’ll mean fewer boxes to cart down to the shed.

The older girls love having a bit more space. At first they went wild and threw toys and dress-up clothes everywhere as they rediscovered the playroom. But now they’ve settled down and are focusing on playing with one thing at a time.

Delaney and Brioni on the gyro-car, December 2010
The girls have enjoyed whizzing around the house again.

Delaney is the only one who hasn’t adjusted quickly. She has grown really close to me and just wants to be held all the time. Sometimes it seems that she’s forgotten how to crawl (although I did offer her ample crawling opportunities while we were camping). She sits in one spot and cries until someone picks her up. This is frustrating for me because I’m also trying to get a lot of stuff done.

Delaney and Brioni on the gyro-car, December 2010
Delaney was happy to ride around with her sisters, and she also loves swinging in the playroom (you can see the yellow swing in the background).

I hope things will settle down quickly with Dell. And I also hope we won’t be here very long. The longer I stay, the more boring it seems. When can we get back to our sparkling adventures on the road?