One of my greatest weaknesses is that I often don’t finish what I start. This deficiency has led to an attitude where sometimes I refuse to tackle a project because I know I won’t see it through to completion. So in marking my four-year blogiversary, I’m celebrating a rare consistency that inspires me to be more reliable in other areas of my life!

Celebrating four years of this blog, November 2010
We marked my blogiversary with a chocolate cake and candles!

I originally started blogging because we needed to announce Brioni’s name change and I had a really cute photo of her and David that I wanted to show everyone, and a blog seemed like a good way of sharing it.

Over time, the blog has grown into so much more, and I’ve loved maintaining a record of our girls’ lives as well as keeping my mummified mind sharp through writing, photography and design. I have a terrible memory, and writing things down embeds them in my mind. And if I forget about something, I can always look it up on the blog!

Celebrating four years of this blog, November 2010
Calista loved blowing out the candles. I re-lit them for her because she enjoyed it so much.

I hope that in the future, the girls will enjoy looking back at this record of their lives. I hope they will see that we have parented very deliberately, choosing to pursue a path less travelled rather than just stumbling down life’s road and dragging them along with us.

And as for me, I hope that these four years of consistency will lead to another four years of blogging. I pray that I will demonstrate consistency in more areas of my life, and I will be transformed into a more reliable person.

So if you’re a regular reader, enjoy! There’s more coming, and we love to share our lives with you!