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I'm a redheaded mama with four lovely daughters. We're based in southern Australia and travel in a small, colourful housebus — meeting inspiring people, learning lots and re-thinking everything. I feel passionately about spirituality, good design, alternative education, discussing death and conscious parenting.

Visiting friends

Hellena playing the cello while Currawong bangs on drums, January 2015

Time with good friends

2 January 2015

André of Avelon

23 July 2014

Numinbah Valley, southeast Queensland, June 2014

Community living

29 June 2014

Gifted Gypsy parked at Carnegie, June 2014

Melbourne suburbia

10 June 2014

Willow Hankinson, November 2013

Pizza party!

8 November 2013

Calista and Lana playing on a tricycle, November 2013

At play

1 November 2013

With Hellena Post and our children, October 2013

At home with Hellena

16 October 2013

Meghan with a sparkler, August 2013

Party days

27 August 2013

Tom Edinborough and Brioni Fisher, dressed as pirates, Alice Springs, August 2013

Reunited in Alice

16 August 2013

Kath Kelly and Sophie Wicksteed, July 2013

Dready love

9 July 2013

Julia Noakes, Fremantle, WA, June 2013

Hanging with our tribe

30 June 2013

Aisha's restaurant, February 2013

The final lap

15 February 2013

Yvonne helping Brioni walk the slackline, January 2013

Slackline start

18 January 2013

Brioni and Tippy the chihuahua, December 2012

Melbourne's welcome

8 December 2012

Luke with Calista, December 2012

Lake and Luke

3 December 2012

Sudevi and Lauren, November 2012

Sudevi at home

24 November 2012

Liz May (Liesbeth van der Giessen) and Lauren Fisher (Lauren Bissett), November 2012

Mackay-region friends

9 November 2012

Our girls in the Woods' bus, November 2012

A morning at the Woods'

8 November 2012

Lauren at Georgia's housewarming, October 2012

Heartwarming housewarming

21 October 2012

Hellena Post spinning, October 2012

Fibre friends

16 October 2012

Denise Curry at home, September 2012

Acreage overnight

16 September 2012

Calista, Brioni and Sophie at Brioni's sixth birthday, August 2012

Brioni's sixth birthday

26 August 2012

Jemimah Gonelli, August 2012

A friend for Dell

24 August 2012

Jumping on the trampoline at Chiara and Leonie's house, August 2012

A sandy tramp

19 August 2012

Delaney with a magnifying glass, July 2012


25 July 2012

Girls playing at Flemings', May 2012

Visiting again

2 May 2012

Pip and Grant Edinborough, April 2012

Making friends in Keri

30 April 2012

Claire painting the kitchen, April 2012

Painting Johnny's again

12 April 2012

Around the campfire, April 2012

Making a fire

10 April 2012

Brioni and Calista drawing, April 2012

Art at Johnny's

5 April 2012

Pat and Mandy in their house, March 2012

Shepherd's Peak camp

25 March 2012

Aisha watching fireworks, March 2012

Fireworks at Fern Flat

23 March 2012

Grace and Brioni, March 2012

A new house to visit

10 March 2012

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