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I'm a redheaded mama with four lovely daughters. We're based in southern Australia and travel in a small, colourful housebus — meeting inspiring people, learning lots and re-thinking everything. I feel passionately about spirituality, good design, alternative education, discussing death and conscious parenting.

Outside play

Playing on a skateboard ramp, Poatina, February 2013

A surprise stop

18 February 2013

Yvonne helping Brioni walk the slackline, January 2013

Slackline start

18 January 2013

Delaney plays with scissors outdoors, January 2013

Take the scissors outside

16 January 2013

Pademelon at Cockle Creek, Recherche Bay, Tasmania, January 2013

Cockle Creek

9 January 2013

Brioni jumping over the sprinkler, January 2013

On a hot, hot day

4 January 2013

Brioni and Delaney on a see-saw, December 2012

Playground for the night

28 December 2012

Brioni playing in the pool, November 2012

Splashing with the cousins

28 November 2012

Five Mile Swimming Hole, near Cardwell, Far North Queensland, November 2012

Five Mile Swimming Hole

11 November 2012

Campwin Beach, Sarina, Queensland, November 2012

Campwin Beach

8 November 2012

Calista and Brioni going for a swim, November 2012

Mary River camp

4 November 2012

Building a milk-crate tower, homeschoolers camp, Sports Tuition, Camp Lake Fire, October 2012


26 October 2012

Hosanna Farmstay, Stokers Siding, NSW, October 2012

Hosanna Farmstay

14 October 2012

Playing on and under the trampoline, October 2012

The bottom bounce

8 October 2012

Brioni at the clay workshop with Sue Amirsardari, Woodford, October 2012

Clay frogs

4 October 2012

Calista on the beach, Currumbin, September 2012

Back to the beach

19 September 2012

Jumping on the trampoline at Chiara and Leonie's house, August 2012

A sandy tramp

19 August 2012

Scootering, May 2012


6 May 2012

Brioni tapes flowers to a teddy, April 2012

Take the tape outside

3 April 2012

Brioni on the quad bike, April 2012

Quad girls

1 April 2012

Playing in Megalong Creek, February 2012

Splashing in the creek

26 February 2012

Aisha on the boogie board, February 2012

After the rain

12 February 2012

Yarra Bay

18 January 2012

Aisha with a sandcastle, January 2012

Plane beach

16 January 2012

David flying a kite with Aisha and Brioni watching on, December 2011

Kite weather

4 December 2011

Riding the rapids, Rainbow Gathering, November 2011

Riding the rapids

18 November 2011

Ruth Mason, September 2011

Paddling breaks the journey

30 September 2011

Delaney watching her sisters play, August 2011

Baylys Beach

11 August 2011

Mahuta Gap Beach, June 2011


15 June 2011

David with Lang girls and ours, June 2011

A man with six girls

9 June 2011

Kai Iwi Lakes, June 2011

Kai Iwi lakes

6 June 2011

Cubby with a view, February 2011

A cubby with a view

27 February 2011

Brioni and Calista playing jack-in-the-box, February 2011

A pile of tyres

25 February 2011

Brioni on a spinning pole, January 2011

Spinning around

27 January 2011

Aisha playing "shop", January 2011

Maple marketplace

24 January 2011

David and Lauren with Delaney, January 2011

Temporary domestication

20 January 2011

Brioni at Diggers Beach, January 2011

Diggers beach

5 January 2011

Climbing in the mangroves, November 2010

Monkeying in the mangroves

28 November 2010

Damselfly, October 2010

Lily-pad lake

23 October 2010

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