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I'm a redheaded mama with four lovely daughters. We're based in southern Australia and travel in a small, colourful housebus — meeting inspiring people, learning lots and re-thinking everything. I feel passionately about spirituality, good design, alternative education, discussing death and conscious parenting.

Vehicles in the garage decks of the Spirit of Tasmania, January 2015

Ferry routine

7 January 2015

Swimming in the pool with Bronwyn, Leeton, NSW, January 2015

Beating the summer heat

6 January 2015

The Gifted Gypsy, parked outside the shed, SEQ, January 2015

Driving off again

1 January 2015

Delaney, Aisha and Calista watching a screen while on the bed, July 2014

Bed Day

10 July 2014

Going aboard the Spirit of Tasmania, Melbourne, November 2013

A brief reentry into time

17 November 2013

Filo and Ayano, walking across Australia, Barkly Highway, Northern Territory,August 2013

Filo and Ayano

29 August 2013

Manu's truck, January 2013

Manu's truck

29 January 2013

Parked in northern Tasmania, January 2013

Accepting help

23 January 2013

Parked at Launceston, January 2013

A breakdown with blessings

19 January 2013

Calista eating raisin toast, January 2013

Home-bods for a change

17 January 2013

Brioni jumping over the sprinkler, January 2013

On a hot, hot day

4 January 2013

Washing the clothes by hand, December 2012

Washing on the road

3 January 2013

Brioni and Calista eating lunch, November 2012

Meals on the road

23 December 2012

Ashley and Alana, travelling tetraplegic in a wheelchair, photographed at Scottsdale, Tasmania

Travelling tetraplegic

20 December 2012

Emptying the portable toilet, November 2012

Toileting on the road

5 December 2012

Lauren driving The Gifted Gypsy, November 2012

Hints on being overtaken

15 November 2012

Old Bruce Highway, Calliope River, Calliope, November 2012

Calliope River

7 November 2012

Leunig cartoon

Fishing for invites

12 September 2012

Black bumper of The Gifted Gypsy, July 2012

Bumper ideas?

6 September 2012

The Gifted Gypsy

4 August 2012

Our Toyota Coaster, July 2012

The bus of 130 gifts

22 July 2012

Truck falling off the road, April 2012

Off the edge

19 April 2012

Paul's red bus, April 2012

Paul's red bus

9 April 2012

Aisha stirs the porridge, March 2012

Porridge in the morning

29 March 2012

Our horse truck undergoing repairs, March 2012

Mechanical stop

28 March 2012

Waiting at the train station, March 2012

Shed to horse-truck

21 March 2012

Lauren with Elijah and Karina with Nirvana, March 2012

Friends at home

20 March 2012

Pregnant and on the road full-time

On the road… and pregnant

20 November 2011

Parking at Beresfield truck stop, November 2011

Truck stop

8 November 2011

Aisha playing on the computer in the bathroom at Oberon, October 2011

Plugging in

29 October 2011

Aisha and Brioni sitting by the fire, October 2011

Fire again

10 October 2011

Queensland base camp

9 September 2011

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