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I'm a redheaded mama with four lovely daughters. We're based in southern Australia and travel in a small, colourful housebus — meeting inspiring people, learning lots and re-thinking everything. I feel passionately about spirituality, good design, alternative education, discussing death and conscious parenting.

Travels in Tasmania

Brioni and Aisha in a lolly shop, Geeveston, Tasmania, January 2013

Entering a lolly shop

7 January 2013

Sunset in south Tasmania, January 2013

The smoky haze

6 January 2013

Rivers-edge Wilderness Camping, January 2013

Rivers-edge wilderness

5 January 2013

Long Beach Playground (Lower Sandy Bay Foreshore Playground), Hobart, Tasmania, December 2012

Long Beach playground

2 January 2013

Playground at Mount Field National Park, December 2012

Playground at Mount Field

31 December 2012

Camping at Rainbow Gathering, Tasmania, December 2012

Gathering of Rainbows

30 December 2012

Brioni and Delaney on a see-saw, December 2012

Playground for the night

28 December 2012

Callington Mill, Oatlands, Tasmania, December 2012

Oatlands' heritage

27 December 2012

Black swans on the bay, St Helens, Tasmania, December 2012

Driving on

25 December 2012

Binalong Bay, Bay of Fires, Tasmania, December 2012

Bay of Fires

24 December 2012

Bridestowe Lavender Estate, Lilydale, Tasmania, December 2012

The scent of purple

22 December 2012

Wild platypus swimming at Northeast Park, free camp, Scottsdale, Tasmania, December 2012

Platypus on our doorstep

21 December 2012

Ashley and Alana, travelling tetraplegic in a wheelchair, photographed at Scottsdale, Tasmania

Travelling tetraplegic

20 December 2012

Lauren Fisher and Kaeti Sarna, December 2012

Local twists

19 December 2012

Lavender House, Rowella, Tasmania, December 2012

Tamar Valley views

17 December 2012

Low Head Penguin Tour, Tasmania, December 2012

Meeting the penguins

16 December 2012

Seahorse World, Beauty Point, Tasmania, December 2012

Seahorses up close

15 December 2012

Platypus House, Beauty Point, Tasmania, December 2012

Monotremes of Tasmania

14 December 2012

Sunset over the Tamar River, Rose Bay Park, Gravelly Beach, Tasmania, December 2012

Gravelly Beach

13 December 2012

Cataract Gorge Reserve, Launceston, December 2012

The Gorge

12 December 2012

Yvonne Gluyas, December 2012


11 December 2012

Bells Parade, Latrobe, Tasmania, December 2012

Bells Parade rest

10 December 2012

Spirit of Tasmania, ferry, December 2012

To the ferry!

9 December 2012

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