Oli the cat is back. He lives somewhere on our street but visits nearly every day, miaowing at the front door until we let him in. I feed him because the girls like him around, although I’m certain he doesn’t need more food.

So I invite him in, and he makes me sneeze in return. My generosity has got to be out of pure love for the girls, because it’s not love for the cat. Nor is it out of pity. ‘Cause Oli’s gotten fat.

Brioni, 3yo, Calista, 2yo, + Oli the cat
Clearly this cat thinks his true home is not feeding him well enough.

Oli is much bigger than when we first met him over two years ago when he was living in our garage on the sly (back when we had a garage). And then he started hanging around the backyard with us, training the dog into submission and becoming one of the family. Then we left on a holiday, and Oli disappeared for over a year in a sulk.

So, is this a good thing? To have a fat cat coming around for more food that will make it even more fat? Maybe it’s just a sign that we’re here to say for a while.