Henry Thoreau of Walden fame is the first person who documented the proverb wood warms twice, but he heard it from his driver. So I’m not sure to whom I should attribute the quote, but nevertheless, the adage holds true.

When we installed our new fireplace last July, we didn’t think we’d still be here to benefit from its efficiency. However, we are, and it’s lovely to have the house warm on chilly mornings and cool days.

Sometimes I don’t even realise how cold it is outside because I don’t venture through the sliding door into the backyard! (But I have a mission, a friend doesn’t believe we get frost here, so one freezing morning I’ll have to go out and photograph it.)

So the house is nice and warm. Thanks to David.

First he takes the truck and collects logs and dead trees from friends’ properties. Usually this involves chain-sawing, something that brings out the macho in every man!

After he brings it home, he still has to unload it from the truck. The logs sit down by the shed until we need to burn them.

And I’m also thankful that David is willing to chop up the wood. His work with the axe attracts a line of girls watching him as he splits the big logs so they fit our fireplace.

Chopping wood, July 2010
As David brings the axe down, the girls jump in time with it.

After he a has a full load in the wheelbarrow, David pushes it up the driveway and into the house. Finally he stacks the logs next to the fire.

So how many times does the wood warm him? I’ve lost count, but I’m thankful many times over.