From the BBC.

The new Ivory Coast Prime Minister Guillaume Soro has announced his cabinet, which is charged with taking the country to free and fair elections.

Mr Soro – a former rebel leader – said the cabinet would hold its first meeting on Saturday.

Ivory Coast has been in crisis since Mr Soro’s rebels seized control of the north of the country in September 2002.

Until recently, the new prime minister was the sworn enemy of President Laurent Gbagbo.

They signed a deal on 4 March, designed to disarm fighters and organise elections within 10 months.

Mr Soro’s cabinet includes six new ministers – with many portfolios unchanged from the previous government of Charles Konan Banny.

The PM will be expected to carry out disarmament of his New Forces rebels and the loyalist forces and push through a controversial identification programme to give Ivorian documents to the millions who do not have them, says the BBC’s James Copnall in Abidjan.

The ultimate goal is credible elections within 10 months but the polls have already been pushed back twice and most Ivorians are no more than cautiously optimistic, our correspondent says.