Delaney, 5 months old, June 2010
"Hey, aren't I clever?" laughs Delaney.

Delaney, 5 months old, Brioni, 3yo, + Aisha, 5yo, June 2010
Actually, Dell was set up by her sisters.

Delaney is growing up so fast! She’ll be six months tomorrow, and as I watch her crawl across the floor to be I think: 1) What happened to my little baby? and 2) I’d better clean the floor a bit better.

Aisha and Brioni like to carry Delaney from room to room. They bring her to me when she needs a new nappy (must work on that — surely they could deliver her to David instead!) and keep her entertained and happy. Even Calista likes to plop herself in front of Delaney and shake toys a couple of inches from Dell’s nose.

As I watch her sisters keep her amused, I wonder if these practices will result in a child who is unable to entertain herself, but the short-term gain heavily outweighs any possible future negatives. One thing is for sure, she’ll grow up feeling loved and wanted!