If you blog or just like to take photos of your children, you know how it is.

You spy a beautiful moment and run for the camera.

Brioni, 3yo, + Calista, 2yo, June 2010
Brioni and Calista enjoy giggles on a shared chair as they warm up after a shower.

And then…

Brioni, 3yo, Calista, 2yo, + Aisha, 5yo, June 2010
Into the frame pops Aisha, determined to put on her best face for the camera.

Aisha, 5yo, June 2010
"Right," I said. "Let me take a picture of you, Aisha."

Photos done, I start putting the camera away. But before that, something else catches my eye.

Delaney, 5 months old, June 2010
Around the corner, I found my adorable baby — happily playing by herself.

And then…

Delaney, 5 months old, + Aisha, 5yo, June 2010
While I was focusing carefully on Delaney, Aisha again dropped herself into the frame.

Delaney, 5 months old, + Aisha, 5yo, June 2010
"Okay, Love," I agreed. "Let me take a picture of the pair of you."

Actually, for the number of photos I take, this kind of lens greed doesn’t happen very often. The girls usually carry on with their activities very naturally, ignoring me.

Right from the start, I’ve refused to let our children see the photos on the back of the camera. After observing other families, I noted that children would break away from whatever they were engaged in — and which prompted the camera to come out in the first instance — after a shot was taken.

The kids would run to the photographer and ask to see the preview of the photos. This ruins the moment. Perhaps the photographer wanted to change the angle slightly or needed to make some adjustments to the camera’s settings.

By flat-out refusing — every single time — the girls have known not to ask. I simply say, “You can see it on the computer.” Sometimes David shows them the back of the camera, but I remain steadfast in my insistence that they wait.

This (hopefully) gives me enough time to make the adjustments I need in order to take better photos, without losing the moment that I want to capture.

What about you? How do you sneak up on your children to take the best photos?