Misty the dog

We’re still looking for a new home for our family pet.

We’ve had Misty since she was only a couple months old, and have to find a new place for her before we sell the house and leave the country. At this point, several possibilities have led to nothing and I wondered if some Queensland/NSW readers could help by making enquiries throughout their network of friends and family.

A Husky cross (crossed with whatever jumped the fence, possibly a Collie or German Shepherd), Misty is an excellent companion for children.

Gentle with babies

Brioni, crawling at 5 months, February 07
A good companion for crawlers

Aisha, 4yo, + Misty, December 2009
Fun with older kids

Misty and Chicky, December 2008
Submissive with other animals

And an excellent snake detector!

You can read how she has alerted me to the presence of a snake in the house and also out in the garden, not just once but twice.

Misty (who also answers to the nickname “Bear”) doesn’t bark very often, and so she is an excellent watchdog and snake-detector. When she barks, I know someone is here or something unusual is happening.

We love this dog and really want to see her happily relocated in a new home. Although in excellent health, Misty is quite sedentary — as I haven’t been walking her much lately — and doesn’t necessarily need a big yard. I think she would also get along with other dogs as she has always taken the passive role with dogs (and cats) that have come to visit.

If you know of anyone who may possibly be interested, can you please have them contact me? Thanks so much!