We’ve had some funny conversations with Aïcha today, which I must record so we can remember them.

As I was driving her to visit a friend, I informed her our host had a cat. Aïcha thought about this for a moment and then replied, “One day, when Aïcha is a lady, Aïcha will have a cat.”

Seeking clarification, I asked, “A cat or a dog?” (We are dog-lovers, and I am allergic to cats.) Aïcha was adamant: a cat. Makes me wonder whose child she is…

Tonight, as David was putting Aïcha to bed, he described how she grew in Mummy’s tummy and eventually came out. He described how we prepared the room for her, with painting and getting the furniture ready. While sucking her thumb and holding onto Aya (“eye-ya” — her security blanket) Aïcha pointed to some pictures of her as a baby on the wall and asked if David had made those. David said, “No, but look, this was Baby Aïcha after you came out of Mummy’s tummy.”

After pondering this information, Aïcha asked, “Does Aya have a mummy?”

Aïcha & Z, April 07
Aïcha loves having "big kids" over to visit us at our house. Here, her friend Z is "reading" a story.