Delaney, 5 months old, June 2010
Five and a half months old, how my baby has grown!

Before I knew that Del Amitri was actually a Scottish band, I heard the name roll off David’s tongue and considered that Amitri would be a nice middle name for our fourth daughter Delaney. (I must have thought Amitri sounded a bit like Amity or something… perhaps it was just the pregnancy hormones!)

But then I discovered the truth about Del Amitri and swore to David that our daughter would never be named such. Until the nickname started.

David has a habit of bestowing our precious, beautiful daughters with crazy nicknames. It was easy to give Aisha the nickname “Grub” when she was a little baby, wrapped in a blanket and lying still. But he still calls Aisha “Grub”, and she responds.

Brioni’s nickname, “Hregdesh” is best said with a throat-clearing hawk as the first syllable. Hredgesh eventually has been shortened to “Hreggie” (roll the R), and Brioni still answers to it. When we’re out in public, I wonder what others think when David calls out “Hreggie”, and Brioni runs up.

Calista’s nickname (I don’t know where he gets the idea from) is “Bootennoire”, often shortened to “Booty” or “Booty-baby”. Cali loves her own nickname and sometimes calls herself “Bootenwa”.

But Delaney’s nickname — “Del Amitri” — has been picked up and is now also used by the other girls, Calista especially. Cali calls the baby “Del Amitri” almost exclusively, with a fantastic response. Delaney loves to hear her name called and smiles in response.

Now, everyone’s agreed that I’m stupidly pedantic with my alphabetical names, but recently David realised that he has done the same thing with the number of syllables in the girls’ nicknames — Grub (1), Hregdesh (2 syllables), Bootennoire (3) and Del Amitri (4 syllables). (Wow. When I write the names all down in a row they look mighty strange!)

So, is David committed to a five-syllable nickname for the next baby (which is still a twinkle in his eye, let me assure you)? Time will tell.

What nicknames have your children ended up with?