Laundry powder, June 2010
The scent from the laundry powder tugs my memories.

I’ve recently changed brands of laundry powder, and now I find myself inhaling deeply as I measure out the correct amount of soap and drop it into the washing machine. This new powder has a particular floral scent that reminds me of something … something that I can’t quite pin down.

So I take another whiff as I empty the clean clothes in the laundry baskets and find myself burrowing my face in the items as I hang them on the line. What is this fragrance, and why does it unlock something deep in my mind?

I can’t put my finger on the memory, but there’s something there about poorer, leaner times. Times when I didn’t have much money, and someone was generous to me.

The perfume awakens feelings of gratitude within me, because hidden within the florals is the latent memory that I was shown a kindness, and somehow this pefume is linked to the people who were generous to me.

I pray that now that we are established with a family and a home, we may show generosity to those who need it. That we may be inclusive in friendship, gracious in time and open-handed with our possessions.

The Psalmist writes of the righteous:

They are always generous and lend freely; their children will be blessed.

As I finish another load of laundry, I’m left feeling thankful. And still wondering: What is that elusive memory?