Aisha's foot, April 2010

Some days never go as planned.

David was working this morning, so he left with the truck. We have David’s father Woodoo staying with us for a while, and today I planned to go with him (and the girls) back to South Brisbane to explore the Queensland Art Gallery.

Instead, our departure was delayed by someone coming to the warehouse to purchase some floorcoverings. Which meant that I was home to receive a nice phonecall from a friend who lives far away.

Then David called to say that some people were coming back for a second house inspection. So today’s outing was cancelled in favour of cleaning windows and the floor (not my favour, I can tell you, but sometimes I need to think about priorities.) Later on this morning, a second person called to inspect the house, so we’ve scheduled them for the same time tomorrow morning.

When I ducked out to the shops for some milk, someone clearly didn’t see my car and reversed into it. There’s not much damage, but we’ll have the hassle of contacting our insurers and getting the vehicle fixed.

And then in the early afternoon, two different friends stopped by, bringing three children between them to play with our girls. (I welcomed the respite from the windows!)

Underlying all this unplanned activity was the wondering… Is the house going to sell? Is this the time? Will they offer enough money? How much do we settle for? Etc.

Lots to think about, and so I am left wondering if we are finally stepping forward into the next phase of life. “Only time will tell!”

The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.