We’ve all been a little bit sick lately — nothing serious, just fevers, sore throats and sniffles. So we’re staying home until everyone (including me) feels better.

But just because we’re staying home, it doesn’t mean that the adventures stop! This morning I was visiting David in the shed when he called out urgently to me from around the corner!

David, May 2010
David caught this (harmless) carpet python around the back of his shed.

I called the girls down, and we all had a look at the snake. We’re starting to feel a bit blasé (yawn) about these carpet pythons that share our premises. Yet it’s fascinating to be so close to such a large reptile — all the while knowing that it can’t harm us — and still unable to prevent ourselves from feeling scared and repulsed.

Snake, May 2010
David threw the snake over the fence in an attempt to "relocate" it safely, but it just started heading back for "home" (on our property!).