I packed the girls into the car after an early dinner, and we headed north through a sunshower, catching sight of a glorious double rainbow.

Rainbows, May 2010
Our special outing this evening led us from one end of the rainbow to the other.

My plan was to combine a trip to the supermarket with a visit to the library for story-time. We had visited our local library for their “bedtime story-time” before, but today I ventured further a field because I had inadvertently missed out on the scheduled evening last week.

In the supermarket carpark, as I removed Delaney from her seat, it was obvious that I was going to need the change of nappies and the change of clothes that I always keep in the car. The three older girls were happy to look out of the carpark at the vehicles driving beneath them while I dealt with the mess.

Have you heard of the Bonds Easysuit? It’s a cute onesie that Australian underwear manufacturers Bonds# released a couple years ago in response to the aggravated parents who can’t get the press-studs to line up properly on their baby’s Wondersuit. Bonds makes it look cute and easy:

The reality is that whoever developed the Easysuit has never actually had to remove it from a baby after a nappy malfunction. Here’s how you take off the Easysuit.

Now, can you imagine doing that when the nappy has channelled poo up the back and along one of your precious baby’s legs? Not only is it impossible to remove the Easysuit from the legs without spreading the poo beyond its original reaches, but the clincher comes when you realise that you have to take the whole thing off — over the baby’s head!

Now I realise that this incident involving sweet breastfed baby poo pales in comparison to the Tai Po Poo ‘Plosion of 2009, but, for now, for tonight, as I wrestled with my baby in the boot of my car in a dim parking lot, I kept wondering: “Bonds, what were you thinking?”

Well, we did make it to the library, but not before Calista left a little puddle on some play equipment (sorry, cleaners). So tonight was not a triumph on all points.

Aaron, May 2010
The regular story-reader was sick today, and Aaron was her replacement. He only got to select one of the books that he read through, and you could easily tell which was his favourite.

Aisha, 5yo, Brioni, 3yo + Calista, 2yo, May 2010
The two older girls listened attentively while Calista wandered around.

Calista, 2yo, + Delaney, 4 months old, May 2010
Cali brought a book to read to Dell.

Although the librarian was friendly and the other kids weren’t too feral, this library didn’t offer biscuits and milk like our regular spot, so I think we’ll make more of an effort to make next month’s date! (And I’d better remember to pack a new change of clothes into the car before I take Dell anywhere again!)