No, I haven’t gone for a radical cut, but since my last haircut was in August last year, I asked Heidi to bring her haircutting scissors when she came to visit. So this morning I got my annual trim.

Lauren + Heidi, April 2010
Heidi was a professional hairdresser, so I got her to trim my hair this morning.

Heidi + Brioni, April 2010
Heidi also cut Brioni's hair for me. This is the first haircut Brioni has ever had. (It's taken her 3.5 years to grow it to this length!)

Heidi was quite interested in handling my hair since I haven’t used shampoo in over a year and a half. Her verdict? My hair is as healthy as any other person who uses fancy shampoo regularly. I reckon that my split ends have lessened, and time will be able to tell whether this is actually the case.

Heidi also shared an easy way to maintain a girl’s haircut in nice layers. Basically you pull all the hair together into a ponytail at the top of their forehead (think “unicorn”). Then you lop the ponytail to the length that you want the fringe (bangs) to be. If you want a long fringe, then you make the cut very long.

Are you still needing a better explanation? Here’s a pictorial explanation of how to easily cut a girl’s hair in layers.