We’ve got visitors for the long weekend. Monday is the Anzac Day holiday in Australia, a time of remembering and commemorating those who have fought in wars overseas. The Rattenburys are back again with their neighbour Heidi and her daughter, 5yo T.

It’s always nice to have a full house. The kids run around like they’re crazy, coming in every ten minutes to check if it’s time to eat yet. And we just work around them, keeping the washing machine going several times a day and steadily cleaning up the kitchen as soon as it gets used.

Z + Delaney, 3 months old, April 2010
Z has really liked playing with Delaney. He picks her up and includes her in his games, even going so far as to move her under a table into the kids' little "cubby-house".

For our big meal tonight, I tried out a KFC-copycat recipe. I didn’t stick exactly to the recipe for spices, but the chicken turned out very nicely, and there was enough left over for tomorrow’s lunch.

David, Nigel + Z, April 2010
After it got dark, the guys went out on a toad hunt.

Cane toads, April 2010
This was their haul.

Calista, 2yo, + Brioni, 3yo, April 2010
Our girls were delighted with the toads.

Nigel has seen a video that shows a cane toad being revived after being frozen, so the guys froze a couple, and we’ll thaw them out tomorrow to see if they survive. (Don’t believe me? The video is below.)