In December, did I successfully fool you into thinking my baby had arrived early? (Yes, I’m still laughing over that!)

Tonight our friends-with-the-baby came over for dinner and games. They have three boys, and their older two played so well with our older three, that both parties were begging for a future play-date. (Done, that’s booked in.)

And it was nice to see little Jude again.

Jude, 4 months old, April 2010
Here's Jude, all grown up. Isn't he a handsome little man?

I served pizza loaf again. To rave reviews, I might add. Earlier today, David was the one who suggested I cook it. (That makes three nights out of four!)

David, Aisha, 5yo, Delaney, 3 months old, + J + D, April 2010
There was a brief moment after dinner when both men were left holding the babies.

And 2010 is turning into the Year of the Board Game for us. After being re-introduced to board games as a meaningful way of spending time together, we’ve started offering our own repertoire of boxed entertainment.

K + D, April 2010
Our new favourite game to play with friends is Sequence. It's easy enough to teach in a couple minutes, and engaging enough to hold our attention for several rounds.

If you have a favourite board game to recommend, please let me know!