The local library offered a free computer-training session for pre-schoolers. Although I probably don’t need assistance in choosing online games for the girls, it was free and something exciting to do with the girls.

I was also pleased because the activity would allow Aisha and Brioni to use computers simultaneously. Namma came along for the ride (that, and because I promised that we would visit several op shops on our way to the library), and she was able to keep Calista distracted during the hour I was with the older girls.

Aisha, 5yo, April 2010
Once she was placed in front of the computer, Aisha was cranky if I tried to take the mouse away and insisted on driving it herself.

Brioni, 3yo, April 2010
Brioni is not as technically-skilled with the mouse as Aisha is, but she improved by playing simple drag-and-drop games.

Calista 2yo, + Rosie, April 2010
Rosie took Cali to another part of the library to play while her older sisters were occupied.

I’m not sure how I would have managed Calista without Namma’s help. It was great timing to have her visiting, and I’m sure now I’ll have to field more requests from the older girls to play on the computer now!

Here are the websites that were suggested. (I have not necessarily checked these out for myself.)

Mouse control — Click on space concept games and move animals using your mouse — Teach your toddler how to press the keyboard keys. Each key makes a different pattern. — Online colour and create — Mouserobics (designed for adults)

Online literacy and learning — Letter sounds, online readers and language activities — Has science, language, maths, music and listening games. Websites recommended by teachers — Online free fun for toddlers and babies. Websites recommended by parents — Primary and preschool fun. — Preschool numbers and maths

Other websites to try — Early childhood resources for parents