After such a late night (it was after 10 pm before the kids were all in bed!) last night, we spent most of today just hanging around, playing games, reading and letting the kids play.

Brioni, 3yo, + K, April 2010
K and Brioni took some food out to the horses.

K + Brioni, 3yo, April 2010
Brioni was brave enough to pet the horse too.

K, April 2010
K is passionate about horses.

Z + Aisha, 5yo, April 2010
Z + Aisha pretended they were a daddy and mummy (here they're mulling over dinner).

Nigel + Melinda, April 2010
Nigel and Mel relaxed inside while the kids played in and around the backyard. It's fantastic to have friends whose kids get along *so well* with ours.

And of course there was more riding!

David, K, Nigel + A, April 2010
Zooming around the corner.

Aisha, 5yo, + David, April 2010
Look at the smile on David's face — he loves it!

Brioni, 3yo, April 2010
"Put a cork in it, Brioni!" Brioni was distraught at being left behind. She wasn't quite ready for the "ready-set-go". And the cork? Well, it was left over from the sparkling wine last night.

And in other news, Delaney rolled today. When she unexpectedly found herself on her back, it made her very angry. So we rolled her back onto her tummy. Problem solved!