We’re delighted to have a house guest with us this week.

David + Roger, march 2010
David's Uncle Roger arrived last night. This is his first trip to Brisbane, so we decided to show him some of the sights while he was here.

Roger + David, March 2010
Our first stop was South Bank Parklands.

Brioni, 3yo, Aisha, 5yo, Roger + David, March 2010
It was fascinating to catch glimpses of the heavy machinery at work alongside the parklands.

Wheel of Brisbane, March 2010
It's not quite the Eye, but the "Wheel of Brisbane" proudly stands 60 metres high on the south bank of the Brisbane River.

Calista, 2yo, Brioni, 3yo, + Aisha, 5yo, March 2010
We arrived at the Wheel of Brisbane just as it was opening for business, so we were the first customers of the day.

Roger, Calista, 2yo, + David, March 2010
At the top of the wheel, we could see most of Brisbane's skyline to the north.

Brisbane, March 2010
On a cloudy day like today, the Brisbane River shows its true colours (all shades of brown).

South Brisbane, March 2010
We were also extremely interested to see all the construction taking place in South Brisbane.

Roger + David, March 2010
We took a stroll along the river and across the bridge into Brisbane CBD.

Lauren, Delaney, 3 months old, Calista, 3yo, Aisha, 5yo, Roger + Brioni, 3yo, March 2010
We took a little break in the air-conditioned Myer Centre for some morning tea.

Brioni, 3yo, March 2010
After our trek back across the Brisbane River, we were famished! We chose to have lunch at a Malaysian restaurant on Stanley Street.

Aisha, 5yo, + Roger, March 2010
The girls waited very patiently for their meals to be served.

After lunch, it was time for a swim. We headed over to South Bank Parklands again, where a revamp of the pool is finished.

Delaney, 3 months old, March 2010
While we were swimming, Dell lay by the side of the pool, drawing comment from Asian tourists.

Calista, 2yo, Brioni, 3yo, Aisha, 5yo, David + Roger, March 2010
The girls were delighted to be in the water again. They are swimming so confidently and soon engaged Roger in their games.

Brioni, 3yo, March 2010
Brioni (especially) is a water baby. She was jumping into the water without fear or hesitation.

Aisha, 5yo, March 2010
And the main attraction for Aisha was the sand.

Aisha, 5yo, March 2010
You think I'm kidding? This photo was not staged. Aisha was eating sand every chance she could get!

Lauren, Calista, 3yo, Aisha, 5yo + Brioni, 3yo, March 2010
Brioni loved to jump off this deck. It won't be long before she starts trying back flips!

Brioni, 3yo, David, Roger, + Calista, 2yo, March 2010
Later in the afternoon, we strolled along the Kangaroo Point cliffs.

David, Calista, 2yo, Brioni, 3yo, Aisha, 5yo, + Roger, March 2010
There were several climbers working their way up the cliffs, so we stopped to watch one man make his ascent.

Aisha, 5yo, Roger + Brioni, 3yo, March 2010
By this afternoon, the girls were *so* comfortable with Roger and talked to him freely (even Aisha).

Lauren + Delaney, 3 months old, March 2010
Me and my baby, we go everywhere together.

Aisha, 5yo, Roger, Brioni, 3yo, David + Calista, 2yo, March 2010
It probably took about half an hour for the climber to work his way up to the top and then abseil down again, and although there wasn't much action (i.e. he didn't slip), it was still interesting enough to keep us all entertained.

The top of Kangaroo Point cliffs is due for some new public artwork. Earlier this year, Queenslanders were polled on whether they preferred one of two very mediocre choices, and the Premier has confirmed the outcome.

Aisha, 5yo, + Brioni, 3yo, March 2010
The girls took turns getting a drink of water.

Aisha, 5yo + Calista, 2yo, March 2010
After seeing how Brioni did it, Calista wanted a drink too.

Aisha, 5yo, + Calista, 2yo, March 2010
Aisha is a good big sister, helping out without much complaint. (In the background you can see Roger and I talking to the climber, who was showing us his equipment.)

Calista, 2yo, Roger + Brioni, 3yo, March 2010
These large figures are placed along the base of Kangaroo Point cliffs and are visible from the roads across the river.