Yesterday was our friends’ daughter K’s tenth birthday, but her celebrations were saved until today, when five friends came over for a “crazy hair party”. I am always inspired and encouraged when I’m in the company of older girls — it’s fantastic to be able to look forward to a new level of relationship with our four!

Z, March 2010
We cut a stencil out of paper to spray the star shapes onto Z's hair.

Lauren + A, March 2010
When I started doing the older girls' hairstyles, I realised that they didn't want "crazy hair" so much as "beautiful-but-a-little-bit-way-out" hair.

N, M, G + Lauren, March 2010
In the division of labour, Mel sprayed the hair with funky colours, and I styled it.

K's birthday party, March 2010
We had more party food today.

Aisha, 5yo, Brioni, 3yo, M + K, March 2010
After all the girls' hair was finished, we started on their nails.

K + Delaney, 3 months old, March 2010
K is such a good big sister. She has loved to nurse Delaney, even in the middle of her birthday party! (But look at Dell's face — what *is* she saying?)

Melinda + Aisha, 5yo, March 2010
This is the first time Aisha has had her nails painted.

M, K + Brioni, 3yo, March 2010
Brioni's nails were painted and she got little decals on them too.

Calista, 2yo, March 2010
This is Calista's "don't take my photo" face.

Calista, 3yo, March 2010
Then her eyes pop open.

Calista, 3yo, Aisha, 5yo, Brioni, 3yo, March 2010
The girls showed Cali their new nails, and her reaction was comical.

Calista, 3yo, Z, K, A, M, March 2010
Calista gave such a good reaction to her sisters' nails, soon everyone was showing her theirs.

M + Calista, 3yo, March 2010
Then M volunteered to paint Calista's nails too.

K, March 2010
Happy tenth birthday, K!

M, R, K + K, March 2010
Melinda made a delicious copha-biscuit layered cake, K's favourite!

Lauren + Aisha, 5yo, March 2010
I was working on the computer, creating mug shots of all the kids.

Aisha, 5yo, March 2010
Aisha always gives such a good mug shot. She wanted a very minimalist look, with only blue glitter sprayed on.

Brioni, 3yo, March 2010
Brioni was so patient, sitting quietly while I made all these little ponytails.

Calista, 2yo, March 2010
Cali's hairstyle was one of my first attempts at "crazy hair".

Lauren, March 2010
Here's my mug shot. I did the Princess Leia thing for my own hairstyle and stayed away from the colours. (I was afraid that they wouldn't come out without shampoo.)