Mel and Nigel kept their kids out of school today so we could all go for a bushwalk together. We drove the short distance to the top of Buderim Hill where the Buderim Rainforest Walk started.

Buderim Forest, March 2010
With all the recent rains, many little streams flowed down the mountain to join the creek at the bottom.

David + Calista, 23 months old, March 2010
Cali got a free ride for most of the walk.

Buderim Forest, March 2010
You can actually walk part of the way behind Buderim Waterfall.

No sooner had Brioni reached the pool at the bottom of the waterfall then she stripped off her clothes and started wading into the water. The rocks were pretty slippery, but they didn’t deter her, and she didn’t think the water was too cool. David soon ended up in the water so he could keep close to Brioni, and eventually all the kids got wet.

Aisha, 5yo, March 2010
The girls worked out a way to slide down the rocks into shallow pools.

Nigel and I were standing on the bridge above the waterfall, photographing the running water when a string of men started hauling serious photography equipment past us. They carried everything down to a little clearing next to the waterfall. It took them about half an hour and numerous trips to get all their gear down from the carpark at the top of the hill.

It turned out that the Swiss-based rap artist Andres Andrekson has been travelling around the world filming brief sequences to highlight the global impact of our decisions. His main props were a series of huge black rectangles that would fall over like a string of dominoes.

Buderim Forest, March 2010
Several men had to carry these props to the bottom of the waterfall.

Buderim Forest, March 2010
Soon after Melinda and I left the waterfall, we heard these "dominoes" fall down, one after the other — much to the chagrin of the guys who had set them up. They weren't ready for their action shot yet!

Calista, 23 months old, Melinda + A, March 2010
Melinda and I brought the smallest children back with us while the older ones stayed with David and Nigel for the walk down the creek.

Aisha, 5yo, Brioni, 3yo, K + Z, March 2010
The older kids' walk was probably easy than the shorter one we took climbing back up to the top of the hill where our cars were parked.

David made a little video to remember this fun bushwalk with the Rattenburys.