This week, I:

1. Enjoyed a relaxed dinner with a fantastic friend as the children played happily in the background
2. Received a phone call from a friend in NZ asking how things were going
3. Received a parcel of pretty presents from a friend in America
4. Unexpectedly was given a fantastic batch of brownies baked ‘specially (David calls them “The World’s Best”)
5. Reconnected with a couple of old friends online (no, they’re not that old)
6. Took the girls for a swim two days in a row to enjoy the last of the summer warmth
7. Invited a neighbour over for the first time and enjoyed a morning of relaxed mummy-talk
8. Received the missing part of my latest must-be-matching obsession
9. Discovered a new family favourite recipe (which I’ve made 3 times)
10. Caught up with my sister via Skype.

So, apart from the burnt banana bread, this week has turned out just fine, and I’m singing along with this album.