Smoke from oven, March 2010

When I burnt the banana bread this morning, it felt like the earth had caved in on me. Truly — over a bit of over-cooked batter! I was devastated all out of proportion, for this was the proverbial straw. It’s been a tough month with a number of heavy weights dragging us down.

I ran to my bed and burrowed under the doona for a bit of peace. Although I was mainly seeking to escape my own thoughts, I remembered my recent prayers that I would continue to praise God in the tough times.

From my myopic viewpoint, my circumstances certainly feel tough, uncertain and without change peeking over the horizon. But how glorious is this experience if allows me to draw closer to God? How would I appreciate the fullness of a relationship with the Creator if I did not also know the pain of living in this world?

As I started to remember the Lord, my mind drifted to this song by Casting Crowns.

Now that the smoke from the oven has cleared, my vision has returned. This new clarity reveals that everything is as it should be, and why would I want to be anywhere else?

Calista, 23 months old, March 2010
Then I spy Calista jumping on our (newly-made) bed, wearing a fluorescent pink swimcap and orange undies six sizes too big, and I feel better.