ICAers — in case you missed it — Brad Trosen gave a brief announcement in church on Sunday.

Yes, Brad & Laura Trosen (with Ian) are planning on relocating to Dakar, Senegal later this year to be dorm-parents for a high-school boys’ dorm at Dakar Academy. But the dorms are not called “dorms” — they’re “boarding homes”. And the dorm-parents are now “boarding-home parents”. “BHP”? That rolls off the tongue nicely.

And this announcement means good news for not only Dakar Academy, but also ICA alumni scattered around the world. With the Evans already at Dakar, it’s possible that a new set of Sing ‘n’ Wail songs may be released in the future.

(I’m just waiting for the grand concert when Keith Ellenberger joins them from Mali, and Brian Bliss flies in from Niger. If that ever happens, I’m flying over — I’m such a groupie.)

As well as through the link above, more songs can be found here. So sing away, folks.