After visiting West Africa in 1997-98, David and I lived in the United Kingdom.

Lauren, June 1998
We bought this little Fiat and drove it to Scotland to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary.

Here is a postcard from that trip.

Highland cow postcard, August 1998

Yes, the Scottish cows really looked like this! [I do recall sending a postcard like this to my sister Renée, somehow implying that this is what she looked like when she woke up. It was not well received.]

David started driving to Scotland on Monday and I flew to Glasgow on Wednesday evening. [This was in the era of cheap air travel. My flight cost GBP19!] We stayed the night in a bed and breakfast after enjoying a nice meal in a warm pub.

The next day we started driving around all the lochs, stopping to pick berries and catching a ferry. We camped for two nights in a tent, and it wasn’t too cold.

There are tons of tourists about, though. We had difficulty finding places no one else had discovered first. [Our trip coincided with the annual Edinburgh International Festival.]

We climbed a 1000m mountain, clambering first over a tall fence and then wandering through a pine forest with little red-and-white-spotted toadstools.

When we first started climbing, we thought we were going up a hill. But each “peak” turned to out to be a false one — a plateau before the incline started again. So we aimed for (and reached) multiple “peaks” before we finally reached the top.

At the peak of the mountain, we saw hundreds of deer grazing. We walked and climbed for miles and miles and never saw another person.

Only when we got back to the carpark did it start to rain, so we thank God for his goodness towards us.