Settlers of Catan, March 2010
C moved the soldier onto my wheat field in a vain attempt to curtail my colony's progress.

Yeah, yeah, I thought we had learned something new when our friends taught us how to play Settlers of Catan. However, it turns out that we’re just (belatedly) slotting into our demographic.

According to anecdotal evidence Settlers of Catan is very popular among “twenty-something Christian-college graduates and their like”. (Since we’re slightly older than that, either we’re immature for our ages or just youthful.) Our friends who taught us the game learned it while on a mission trip to China in 2003, which is very similar to a story recounted in the article linked above.

As long as Jon Acuff hasn’t yet listed it as Stuff Christians Like, I feel okay about continuing to play. (Then again, perhaps if we wanted to be really Christiany, we’d be playing Settlers of Canaan, a licensed adaptation that incorporates Old Testament themes!)

C + Aisha, 5yo, March 2010
While we were playing, the children kept themselves amused with a range of toys. Not-quite-four-year-old C is a master on the computer. Tonight he showed the girls a fun application that takes photos and then warps them in apparently hilarious ways.