Tonight we enjoyed a proper reunion with our friends the Dayals. We’ve been friends with the Dayals since we first moved into the area, so we could reminisce about what the house looked like when we first moved in. It was nice just to have someone else who can appreciate the amount of work we’ve poured into this place.

D + Delaney, 9 weeks old, February 2010
Dinesh goes completely gaa-gaa over babies, especially when they smile back at him!

K + Delaney, 9 weeks old, February 2010
It was good that Delaney was awake when the Dayals arrived, because everyone got a cuddle with her.

Lauren + Kavita + Delaney, 9 weeks old, February 2010
It's always fantastic to catch up with Kavita who has been one of my treasured heart-friends throughout the years.

Zech + Delaney, 9 weeks old, February 2010
Zech is going to be such a good Daddy in a few years' time. He likes reading to the younger children and is gentle and kind with them.

Aaron + Aisha, 5yo, February 2010
After the initial warm-up period, the girls started interacting with the Dayals and especially enjoyed playing with Aaron who turns six next month.

I’m sorry I missed taking a picture of Jeremiah (the only one I have shows him giving a big yawn), but he did come along with the rest of his family!